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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc.

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year. Whatever your celebration of choice, I hope it brings peace and joy to all of you.

Sorry I've not been here much. A lot has happened is happening and I've just let this slip. Won't promise much in the new year, but you never know.

Been too long

Hi, everyone.

Sorry I've neglected this place. I've been really busy with RL and fandom stuff. Hope all is well with all of you and that you are having great things happening for you.

I've seen many of you posting to the MEFA e-mail list and the GFIC list. Good luck in both. I am not participating at all in the MEFA's this year. Just don't feel like it to be honest. I know at some point I'll get active in LOTR again. I never stray to far from home, but right now I'm having a blast where I'm at.

I would post the stuff I'm writing here, but no one on my f-list really is a fan and most of the stories have been long and I don't feel like doing all the posts it would take to get them up here. The last one was nine chapters and almost 30,000 words. It was the longest fic I've ever finished. Mind's Eye is longer, but not done.

I will try to keep a better check on this place and keep in touch.

Hugs and best wishes to all.


I Finished It!

Today was the 500 Festival Mini Marathon. My goal had been to finish and finish faster than I ever had. I was hoping for a time of 3 hours and 30 minutes. I finish in 3 hours and 36 minutes. I'm happy with that, especially considering the weather. It was between 47 and 48 degrees (F) and the winds were blowing at 22 mph. with gusts to 30. Going to the Speedway, we had a headwind in many places and coming back it was blowing us forward. By that point, I needed all the help I could get. I'm sore and tired now, but I'm supremely happy.

If or when I find any pictures of me from today, I'll either post them or see if I can post a link.

I Guess I've Arrived

I just my 26 seconds of fame this week. I am the star of a YouTube video that is that long.

Apparently one of my friends in marketing at work had her video camera with her at the finish line of the 15K last weekend. She shot a video of me crossing the line an shouting my encouragement to the team. She asked if she could post it and I agreed. What was I thinking? Oh well, I was definitely in the moment and it was a lot of fun.

I don't know how to enbed the video, but here's how you can see it.


It's the first video that comes up.

Laugh it up and let me know what you spit all over your screne. Just remember. I'd have been a lot more embarrassed a year ago and 30 pounds heavier.:)

Three to Get Ready

Today was our third and last training race for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon. It was 15K (about 9.3 miles). Guys I don't believe I did this. I finished in 2 hours 27 minutes and some change. My mile times averaged 15:50 a mile. That's over 45 seconds a mile faster than I did the 10K and a minute and a half faster than I did the 5K. I'm really thinking now that I can do the Mini and under 3 hours and 45 minutes. All I have to do now is figure out how to keep my right foot from blistering. I think I know what I did wrong today and, believe me, I won't do that again. If you can't tell, I'm excited. One month left and then we'll see if all the work was worth it. Also I finally cracked the 150lb mark. I'm officially 149.8lbs.:)

Hopefully I Can Post Fic Now

 Going to try to post this fic using the HTML format on lj since apparently there is a glitch in Rich text when it comes to Safari, which is what I use to access the net.

So, one more attempt. If this doesn't work, I'm e-mailing Live Journal for help.

Read more...Collapse )

WooHoo! it uploaded.!

I've Got Fic, But I Can't Post

I need some help here.

I'm using Text Edit on the Mac and when I try to do a copy and paste to put the story into lj, I see the words flash on the page of lj for a split second and then nothing.  It doesn't copy.  Have they changed how you post copied text to lj or am I saving it wrong to start with or is this some Mac/lj compatability thing?  I'm confused as heck and frustraited too.  I just want to post.  It used to be so easy, what happened?

Don't get me wrong, I love my Mac, but this shouldn't be rocket science, or I don't think it should.  I'm going to check with some other people I know who use Macs and see if they can help too. 

Thanks, guys.

Just Popping In

 Sorry I've been so scarce around here lately.  I have to confess that I'm playing in another fandom's sandbox right now--and loving it.  I think I needed a change of seen to get my creative juices flowing again.  I actually wrote some drabbles yesterday in some down time at work.  Yes you read that right.  Garnet wrote drabbles.  Amazing!  They're not LOTR, but I post them here when I get the set done, just so I have them somewhere besides on a sheet of paper and on my harddrive.:)

As for my weightloss, I'm kind of stuck at about 152, but I'm sticking with it.  I'll start to drop again sometime.  And as for the mini training, I did 5K Tuesday night in 50 minutes.  I was pleased.  I'm going to do this thing and I'm going to do it better than I ever have, that's my goal.  Those of you who get Indianapolis T.V. stations, look for a profile on the Bosma team--that's the team I'm on--on channel 13 sometime after April 20.  For those who might want to see if the post it online it's wthr.com.

Well, I'm trying to stuff a lot into a little time, and I know a group of people who are working on an interactive fic that I can't get caught up with because they keep writing while I've got other things I have to do.  So I'll end this with a belated brthday shout-out to the encredible GW.  You're the best!

It's A Birthday!

Happy birthday to your_darkness and a happy belated birthday to skully01 Sorry I didn't wish you one yesterday. I was too tired to do much of anything when I got home yesterday.:)

I Got 'em Back!

I got my fic back! The Tween had to have my help copying some of her fic from our old P.C. to her Macbook--she didn't know how to convert to .doc files so I showed her--and after she got hers transfered, I asked her to transfer mine. It took about one minute to do it. I had to figure out a way to save it so that it was all easily accessible. Now that that is done, I can just click on a folder and there it all is.:)

I'm so happy to have it all back where I can get to it. I hated having an idea and not being able to do anything about it because the story was on the old computer.